Chris Kosel

for Lincoln Way Board of Education

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What are Chris’ stances on the Issues.

Keep Central, East and West campuses open.

Make the tough calls, and live within the district’s means.

Protect all taxpayers and oppose tax increases.

Increase Transparency.

Demand accountability from all Employees and Vendors.

Ensure effective use of tax dollars.

Continue the Academic successes and opportunities for students

Enforce a “state of constant improvement”

Why should I vote for Chris…..

  1. He is the only Candidate who has taken substantial action to stabilize the District’s Finances. It is his motion and subsequent vote, is the reason why the district already is on track to have a surplus year. No other action has done more to stabilize finances. Other candidates either agree with the board decision, or look to reverse it (close another campus, and put the district’s finances back in jeopardy). There is only on candidate whom took action, Chris Kosel.
  2. He is the the only Candidate who from the beginning as a minority voice, was critical of the previous administrations use of Tax Anticipation Warrants (Short term borrowing).
  3. He is the the Board member who broke years of 7-0 unanimous voting, by voting in the interest of the citizens of the district.
  4. He was the Board member who urged the Administration to concentrate on the lowest 5% of our students academically, causing programs to be created that have increased Graduation rates to near 100%.
  5. He is the only candidate representing the western half of the district on the 4 year Ballot. (West of Schoolhouse road) .
  6. 11 of the 13 candidates running are from the Eastern part of the district.
  7. He has dedicated more time than any other candidate to Lincoln-Way’s Citizens & the District as a whole, including its Students.
  8. He is the only candidate with a child who Graduated from L-W (Central 2010), a child enrolled at L-W (West 2021), and a future student (West 2025).
  9. He is a lifelong resident of New Lenox, and attended New Lenox Grade Schools, Lincoln-Way Community High School, Joliet Jr. College, and the University of Illinois at Chicago.
  10. He has always been a volunteer to Lincoln-Way.
  11. His tough decisions have made Lincoln-Way better Academically, and Fiscally.